Portable Lung Ventilator

Name Portable Lung Ventilator
Model oxivent
Category Operating Theatre Equipment
Sub Category Ventilator

  1. Alarm Reset: Button to stop Aural alarms.
  2. Minute: A controller button allowing the patient to adjust the liter given per minute. Recommended settings for adult and pediatric patients are marked on the scale (from 1lt/ min to 16lt/ min)
  3. PAW AIRWAYS PRESSURE: Digital airways pressure manometer showing instant airways pressure (from 20 to 80 cmH2O)
  4. Operation Mode: Button to select operation modes (OFF, AUT+AST, PSV, CPAP)
  5. Peep: Set of positive end expiratory pressure (from 0 to 20 cmH2O)
  6. CPAP (pressure Limit): This button adjusts the maximum airways pressure limit (from 0 to 50 cm H2O)
  7. FIO2: Option to choose 50% O2 to 50% Air or 100% O2 (works only connected to O2)
  8. RATE: This scale is used in AUT + AST mode (from 5 bpm to 70 bpm)
  9. ALARMS: Led signals indicate that the alarms are active.



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