Medical Self-AdhesiveCohesive Bandage

Name Medical Self-AdhesiveCohesive Bandage
Model MC-BSA
Category Medical Consumables
Sub Category Medical Bandage


  1. Nowoven material Latex free,hand tear
  2. Aderes to itself,non-sticky to hair or skin,no pins or clips needed
  3. Wrao will not slip so no need for frequent readjustment
  4. Light weight,porous,allow skin to breath and comfortable to user
  5. Protects primary dressings;Provide controlled compression
  6. Water resistant,will not loose by sweat or water
  7. Soft yet strong fabric,tensile strength reached 85N
  8. Usage:A relief dressing for follow up treatment fractures;Used to immobilize thums,wrists,hands and ankles;Hold IV. sets in place;Pressure bandage to promote circulation and healing,sprains and strains.
  9. Latex free (EP contents<=50ppm),Eliminated potential protein-induced allergic reactions;
  10. 15 colors for you choose,lenght and width can be made as per request

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